Dr. Brian Robert Callahan

academic, developer, with an eye towards a brighter techno-social life


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OpenBSD is a free 4.4BSD Lite2-based operating systems with a focus on security, standards, and correctness. I have been a developer since January 2013. You can see my commit statistics here.



The Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography is a custom Drupal-based digital humanities platform that provides novel ways for researchers to engage with their data, their students, collaborators, and each other. I have been a core member of the design team since 2015 and am currently the Lead Open Knowledge Developer, Lead Systems Administrator, and CISO for the project. Many researchers around the world use our software to further their goals.

  • The Asthma Files
  • Disaster STS Network
  • Computer Vulnerability + Anthropology
  • Research Data Share
  • The Center for Ethnography at UC Irvine
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    The New York City *BSD User Group is a "forum for discussion and a bridge to learning" for all technical topics, Unix and beyond. I have been a member of the administrative team since 2014 and was a member of the New York City *BSD Conference 2014 core organizing committee.


    Free Bee

    Free Bee was an enhanced Free Software clone of The New York Times game Spelling Bee that ran from 2020-2024. It offered all the features of the proprietary game plus additions such as new game modes and offline playing capabilities.


    Amateur Radio

    I hold an Amateur Extra class license. My callsign is AD2BA. I am a VE with ARRL VEC. Hope to hear you on the air!

    Amateur radio publications:

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    IT industry certifications

    I hold a small handful of IT certifications and occasionally teach courses that target these certifications.

    Here is a selected list of IT certifications I currently hold. See my CV or LinkedIn for a complete list: