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More OpenBSD and D news

Super short post to highlight some OpenBSD and D news.

DMD comes to OpenBSD/i386

I finally found and fixed the last major outstanding blocking bug preventing an i386 port of DMD. I will update the OpenBSD port with an i386 bootstrap compiler on the next DMD release.

OpenBSD gets featured on the D blog

I got a write-up in the latest D blog entry. This was followed up by a short blurb on their YouTube channel. I was not told this was happening, so it was very kind of them to mention my work and a very nice surprise. I guess I now very officially live in both the *BSD community and the D community.

Lots of bug fixes

I have been fixing as many bugs as I can find when it comes to OpenBSD support for D. There are too many to list invidivually, so here is the whole list.

More to come

I'm speaking at DConf 2021. If you'd like to know more about all this, that's the talk to attend. The whole conference is free, so stay for the whole thing. I'm sure all the other talks will be far more interesting and informative than mine.