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2021-02-15: All the C compilers that can produce working binaries on OpenBSD -current
2021-02-14: I donated a patch and got a free compiler!


2020-11-24: I wrote a pager that works on Unix and CP/M
2020-11-18: Comparing a new language for tiny machines
2020-11-04: Why aren't new hams getting published?
2020-10-10: Where are all the protocols?
2020-09-26: From new ham to QEX author in two months
2020-08-27: Let's create a protocol, part 1: Introducing the CW Record Protocol series on hiatus
2020-08-25: Why I got my amateur radio license in 2020
2020-08-16: I wrote the world's worst text editor (so you don't have to)
2020-08-12: Can we do better than our C compiler?
2020-08-08: Where do argc and argv come from?
2020-08-06: Compiler numbers, and why they don't matter
2020-08-03: Extreme minimalism and constraints in game development
2020-07-26: Introducing Free Bee
2020-06-15: TryHackMe|Learn Linux